Sala posa

Studio 4x6mt with camera focus point also at 8-9mt

2 Vynil Backdrop: 3x6mt White front and Black back – 3x3mt White front and Blue back

4 Paper Backdrop: 2,75mt x 12mt White, Black, Blue and Dark Grey

Still Life Table 1x2mt

Manfrotto MK055X Pro3 tripod

4x Pocket Wizard Plus X

7x Flash and light stand, Giraffa included – Various Umbrellas

PhotoCamera:  Nikon D850 – D5 – D4s – Z6

Lenses:                 Nikon DX 10,5mm Fisheye 2,8 G

                             Nikon DX 35mm 1,8 G

                             Nikon DX 18-200mm

                             Nikon FX 14-24mm 2,8

                             Nikon FX 24-70mm 2,8

                             Nikon FX 70-200mm 2,8e VR FL

                             Nikon FX 24-120mm 4,0

                             Nikon FX 50mm 1,8 G

                           Nikon FX 105mm 2,8 Macro

Flashes: 2x Neewer Q-600N  600w Bowens mount, model lamp 150w

                              5x Godox SK400II  400w Bowens mount, model lamp 150w

                              3x Andoer MD-300  300w

                              2x WoGer Trading  300w

SoftBox:               1x Phot-R 80x120cm

1x Phot-R Octagon 150cm

                               1x Walimex Umbrella White 180cm

                               2x Neewer 35x160cm

                               2x Neewer Octagon 60cm

                               1x Neewer Beauty Dish 55cm with Honeycomb

                               5x Neewer Lampshade 18cm with Honeycombs 20°-40°-60°

                               6x Softbox 50x70cm (only for Andoer and WoGer Flashes)

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